Access & Analyze the Metapsy Databases Directly From Your R Environment.

The open-source metapsyData package allows you to directly access all databases in R.

With metapsyTools, you can prepare and analyze meta-analytic databases using state-of-the-art methods.

metapsyData · metapsyTools


data <- metapsyData::getData(
print(data, 3)
#>              study   .g .g_se year
#> 1    Aagaard, 2017 0.00  0.23 2017 
#> 2       Abas, 2018 0.71  0.38 2018    
#> 3 Ahmadpanah, 2016 1.57  0.41 2016
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The metapsyData package can be installed from GitHub (for example using the remotes package).

The package allows to access the Metapsy meta-analytic psychotherapy databases directly in your R environment. Once installed, simply use the getData() function to save specific databases and database versions locally.

Once new databases or database updates are released, they automatically become available in metapsyData.

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depressionPsyCtr %>%
    calculateEffectSizes() %>%
    runMetaAnalysis() %>%

#> Model results -------------------------
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The metapsyTools package can be installed from GitHub. For Metapsy databases (and datasets in the same format), the package provides integrated tools for the entire meta-analysis workflow, for example:

  • Automatized effect size calculation
  • Advanced database filtering
  • Effect size pooling using standard and multilevel meta-analysis, robust variance estimation
  • Correction for publication bias and small-study effects
  • Meta-regression and subgroup analyses
  • Automatized table generation for your meta-analysis report.

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