About Metapsy

The Metapsy project is maintained by an international collaboration of psychotherapy researchers. The project is led by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Data Collection & Update /

Metapsy provides open access to meta-analytic databases that were developed by university-based researchers in the past decades. This project, led by Prof. Pim Cuijpers and Dr. Eirini Karyotaki, has resulted in a long series of published studies in peer-reviewed journals.

All Metapsy databases are compiled using rigorous scientific standards. Databases are updated regularly, and each search step is documented on openly accessible repositories.

Following the FAIR principles, all databases are versioned upon release and digital object identifiers (DOIs) are minted. This means that all databases and their versions are easily accessible to the research community.

The goal of Metapsy is to create a centralized hub for meta-analytic research domains (MARDs) that allow to analyze the entire fields of psychotherapy research in a consistent, transparent and accessible way.


Meta-Analytic Synthesis in Real-Time /

The Metapsy project includes several tools that try to make the collected evidence more accessible for everyone.

Using the online meta-analysis tool, analyses of the databases can be run using just a few clicks. Do you want to know if psychotherapy is effective for perinatal depression? How effective the latest suicide prevention interventions are? These and many more questions can be examined in seconds using the online meta-analysis tool.

The metapsyData package can be used to load all meta-analytic databases directly into your R environment. Using metapsyTools, state-of-the-art meta-analysis methods can be applied conveniently using just a few lines of code.