Meta-Analytic Psychotherapy Databases

Analyze comprehensive research databases using state-of-the-art meta-analytic methods. More databases will be added soon.

415 Studies
Depression Psychotherapy vs. Control/

This database contains the results and metadata of randomized trials investigating the effects of psychotherapies compared to control groups. The database is updated each year.

30 Studies
Inpatient Depression Psychotherapy/

This database allows you to explore the effectivenes of psychological interventions for depression in institutional settings compared to, for example, care as usual.

113 Studies
Suicide Prevention /

This comprehensive database allows to analyze effects of preventive psychological interventions on suicidal ideation and suicide attempts compared to control groups.

45 Studies
Transdiagnostic Treatment: Depression & Anxiety/

This database contains the results of randomized trials investigating the effects of transdiagnostic psychological interventions for depression and anxiety, compared to control groups.

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